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Backflow Preventer Installation and Repair

Stay compliant with the County. Have your backflow device tested and re-certified every year. When you call us for this service, one of our State Certified Backflow Testers will test and re-certify your device, as well as take care of your county filings so you can stay compliant. If your device fails, we can repair or replace it usually within the same day.
There are a number of events that can trigger backflow, but with an adequate backflow prevention system in place, you can prevent contamination of your water source. Complete Plumbing specializes in backflow preventer installation for clients in Dayton and surrounding areas. We offer backflow testing and inspections as well as repair and replacement of any prevention device. If you are committed to keeping your water source clean and your preventer device in good condition, we can help you do so.

How Flow Reversal Can Happen

Backflow refers to flow reversal and subsequent contamination in a pipeline. Systems that are cross connected allow potable water and potential sources of contamination to come into contact, but this becomes dangerous if backflow allows the hazardous fluids to flow into the pipeline of potable water. This typically happens when the pressure in a system suddenly drops, which is caused by water pressure that is lower in the supply than in the system. A preventer combats this by funneling water in one valve and closing upon the application of pressure. This prohibits contaminated water sources combined with potable water from flowing back toward your primary water pipelines. We can help maintain and install a prevention system.

Service and Maintenance

Backflow prevention systems are an essential component of most municipal water processing plants. If you need backflow preventer installation, Complete Plumbing offers maintenance and repair services in your area.


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Payment Options

Our worry-free warranty gives you peace of mind in your plumbing work. Our workmanship is guaranteed for one full year. In addition, when you purchase your products from us, Complete Plumbing will warranty the product, as well for a full year. We also will take care of managing your Manufacturer's Warranty by ordering any replacement products, should you need it.  (Some exclusions apply.)